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Introducing Gordon-Conwell's Discipleship Initiative

September 13, 2018
Introducing Gordon-Conwell's Discipleship Initiative

At the end of the gospel of Matthew, Jesus famously commanded his apostles to go and make disciples of all the kinds of people there are on the planet—all races and ethnic groups. That's a tall order! Where do we begin? Well, where did we begin? Looking back, most of us can identify someone who helped us as toddlers in Christ to learn to walk by faith and not by sight—to become a maturing follower of Jesus.
The goal of The Discipleship Initiative at GCTS is to teach others how to make disciples, by experiencing it ourselves. Participants in the Initiative make a two-year commitment. In Year One, they are discipled by a seminary staff member, professor, local pastor, or second-year student discipler. In Year Two, they, in turn, disciple two other people—fellow students, friends, or church members. The goal is that participants graduate having been discipled and having discipled others. In this way, we hope our students will embrace discipleship as a Christian core competency and a life-long calling.
Our approach is personal life-on-life sharing around the Scriptures—asking key questions like “Who is Jesus?” and “What does it mean for me to follow him?” Together, we hope to discover a richer, deeper union with Christ and love for Christ, expressed in ever maturing service to Christ in the lives of others.
Once per month, different people involved in The Discipleship Initiative will post their own stories about the impact of discipleship in their own lives, and the lives of others. I hope you will make this blog a regular staple of your online diet, as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission together!
All blessings,

Tom PfizenmaierTom Pfizenmaier
Associate Professor of Formation and Leadership Development,
Director of Formation and Leadership Development,
Dean of the Hamilton Campus



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